Accreditation Board

CEO Swohlwahr

Clemens Lutsch

Accreditation number: #010204001
Chair of the Accreditation BoARD

UX PSychology Expert

Verena Seibert-Giller

Accreditation number: #010305001
Deputy Chair of the Accreditation BOARD

CEO youspi GmbH

Johannes Robier

Accreditation number: #010203001

CEO swohlwahr

Claudia Bruckschwaiger

Accreditation number: #010206001
Deputy Chair of the Accreditation BOARD

Accrediting members must meet the following criteria:

  1. Accreditation with the international accreditation program for UX professionals
  2. At least 15 years professional experience
  3. proof of
    – at least 3 publications in independent media (magazines, conferences, books etc.)
    – Qualification for teaching (educational training, habilitation, professorship)
    – a minimum of 3 years teaching UX/Usability as a professional field at a public/private school, university, or educational institution affiliated with that institution, with responsibility for the content and delivery of instruction totaling at least 6 hours per week/semester (or equivalent).
  4. Member of
    – UXPA Austria
    – the UXPA International
    – a recognized UXPA chapter

Any accredited UX professional who meets the criteria listed can apply for admission to the accreditation body by providing the necessary evidence during the application period. This application period is at least 2 months, but no more than 3 months. The accreditation body will provide information about the start and end of the application period 2 months before the application period.

The management of the accreditation body decides on acceptance after assessing the required proof and the available free places for new accrediting persons.