Costs for accreditation


The cost for the accreditation procedure is 350 USD/EUR per application. Note that paying the fee does not guarantee a successful accreditation.

  • Your accreditation procedure starts, as soon as you havbe submitted all required information AND the fee has been received by the accreditation body
  • Members of UXPA International, UXPA Chapters or other participating organizations can obtain a voucher from their organization, that reduces the fee by 50 EUR/US. Please reach out to your organization.
  • The Accreditation Program does not issue vouchers to applicants.
  • If your application was not successful and you want to try again, you are required to submit your new application and to pay the fee again.
  • Your accreditation, if granted, is for lifetime. You don’t have to renew your accreditation or pay a annual fee. That said, you might lose your accreditation (eg. violation of code of conduct). In that case, you would need to reapply for the accreditation procedure and accordingly pay the fee.